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 Posting Issue: getting auto Signed-out, and (in-progress) posts Erased?

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PostSubject: Posting Issue: getting auto Signed-out, and (in-progress) posts Erased?  Tue Jun 05, 2012 7:24 pm

Basically, I'd like to report simply "what I said" in my title...

Repeatedly for some time, if I take more than a short amount of time to, while signed in, write and enter a reply message, it find that "that" is what has happened:
When I hit "Post" (or is it "Enter"? I THINK it's "Post"...) I get a prompt and form to "sign in." (when, as said, I "was already" signed in). And when I sign back in , by then there's just blank space in the message writing space.

Has happened to me over and over...even to the point that, I guess at long last--like this time today--I'm managing in advance for this: Today and a few other recent times, I've written my message first separately on wordpad or that, if it gets deleted when I eventually get it in the post-writing space and then try to post it, I still have a copy of it to go back to. I

Really, sincerely: for me at least, this getting signed out and getting the post erased, has for a while seemed the usual at least unless the writing of the post is done really fast. Within maybe even a half hour, I think, though maybe it's longer than that before the system signs me out.

Browser(s) on which I've encountered this: definitely "at least" two, "Firefox" and "Chrome" (Google Chrome); maybe also "Opera." Not sure about Internet Explorer, since I only rarely use that one.

Thanks, moderators, for any attention you may be able to give to this issue.
Posting Issue: getting auto Signed-out, and (in-progress) posts Erased?
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