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 Winchendon Ephemera

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PostSubject: Winchendon Ephemera  Fri Aug 13, 2010 4:14 pm

1892* Winchendon Tennis Club

Winchendon Baseball Club

Eliza C. Allen - Journal, and Family Visitant 14 March 1849*

Eliza Crosby Allen was born in Winchendon, Massachusetts. She was active in various female societies and a contributor to religious periodicals. In 1840, following her marriage to the Rev. Ira M. Allen, she became editor of The Mothers' Journal, and Family Visitant, a position she held until her death in 1848, after which the Rev. Allen served as one of the magazine's editors.
As editor of The Mother’s Journal, Mrs. Allen provided advice to her readers. In the January, 1846, issue she writes:
“One very general cause of failure to accomplish religious or moral training, is the neglect to cultivate conscientious motives in children. To secure compliance from them, parents too often appeal to other motives than principle. “Do this, if you would be happy,” or “if you could be respected,” or “if you would please me,” are among the best inducements to obey – and they are good in their place – which they present to their children. And worse still, impulse, interest, passion, are brought in as auxiliaries. To do right, and to do good, should be the grand aim placed before children; – but then they should have continual proof in their parents’ practice that it is their aim also."

Marinthy Helen Clark was born near Hartford, Connecticut in 1817*. Her father, Liscum Clark was a Congregational Minister who worked in Newgate Prison at that time. Liscum Clark moved his family about related to his ministerial duties. They resided in Winchendon, Massachusetts for 17 years which is where Marinthy stitched her sampler. Marinthy married William Dwight in 1846 and they settled in Huntington, Massachusetts.
Design Size: 12"w x 9 ¾ " h on uneven weave linen (count- 32 w x 36 h)
Stitches Used: Cross, Satin, Stem

Winchendon Ephemera
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