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 Welcome to the New Backyard Fence

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PostSubject: Welcome to the New Backyard Fence  Sat Jul 31, 2010 11:56 am

I am the administrator formerly known as "me" on the old Backyard Fence. This board replaces the Backyard Fence board that was hosted on Proboards. Proboards summarily deleted the old BYF for alleged violations of the terms of service. They have not identified the specific violation that are alleged to have occurred. I therefore chose to recreate the Backyard Fence on a new hosting service.

The rules are much the same as the old BYF and will be posted in this area as I get them written up. Be civil to one another. No cursing. Abide by the terms of service. Anonymous members will be allowed and the administration of the board will be anonymous as well. More care will be taken to ensure copyright material is not posted to the board.

The old board and all its content is gone. This board has been created with many of the same forums. Several changes have been made. Some forums, such as the music and photography forums, will not be included in the new Backyard Fence to try to reduce the potential for the posting of copyright material. Some forums that were completely closed on the old BYF will now be visible to guests. Central Street has become the general members-only posting area. The Open Gate will be open to all, unless too many guests abuse the privilege of posting there.

Welcome to the BYF2. Enjoy.

Welcome to the New Backyard Fence
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